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Program Details: Swan Spa offers a special ultimate body massage program that requires two professional massage therapists working together side-by-side in a choreographed manner to heighten your massage experience for the duration of up to 180 minutes in a romantic candlelit setting. This specially designed package includes Skin soothing and refreshing back and foot scrub, and the use of our proprietary deep-penetrating and tension-relieving massage lotion blended with red wine, pearl power and organic oil to perform the lomi-lomi and deep tissue massage techniques during the first half of the program, followed with a wrapped around heated and relaxed massage enclosure that helps to release tight muscle tension and stress. The program will then proceed to and completed in our relaxing infrared sauna room equipped with shower facilities with a glass of red wine.

Program Price: $254.65 (45% off regular price of $463.00) for a couple

Program Duration: up to 3.00 hours

Program Benefit: This elaborated full-body massage program using Swan Spa’s proprietarily blended deep-penetration lotion helps to relieve stiff muscles, reduce anxiety and improve skin hydration, elasticity, tone and brightness. Heated treatment within the heated massage enclosure and sauna help to release toxins, strengthen immune system, improve circulation and relieve muscular tension and stress resulting an overall refreshed, energized and deeply relaxed body and mind within a romantic and pampering Swan Spa setting.

2013 Membership: This special massage package includes a complimentary 2013 Swan Spa membership which offers the member a 10% discount on all other regularly priced programs offered by Swan Spa during 2013.

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