Energy Going Down?
Revitalize yourself at Swan Spa

I have recently had the pleasure of attending the Swan Spa on West Cordova Street in Vancouver. I am a firm believer that regular massage is important for work related stress relief and contributes to the overall well being of the body and one’s state of mind. I have utilized a variety of massage styles in many parts of the world to maintain muscle tone, improve circulation and calm the spirit. The Swan Spa compares favorably to many of the high end spas that I have used in my extensive business travels around the world. The surroundings are comfortable and pleasing and I find their personnel to be professional and well trained, each in their particular style of massage. The spa is conveniently located to offer me easy access during the business day or to provider a haven of relaxation before the evening commute home.
-- J. Scott Drever, Chairman and President of SilverCrest Mines Inc.
Swan Spa is a different Spa of its kind in Vancouver. It is an Oasis of retreat in such a convenient location of downtown. The reception is always warm and friendly, and the possibility to have a specially designed personalized wellness program make any treatment in Swan Spa to an unforgettable experience. After discussing my personal needs, I have got an individual treatment by an experienced staff, who can always find the right spot for treatment by her nourishing, but gentle and sensible touch. The soft faint music in background and calming herbal tea, served during the treatments round up the perfect treat. I have been in a lot of Spas in Europe, but the combination of a home-like environment and its exceptionally designed individual treatments in Swan Spas was such an extraordinary experiment, which I have never had before.
-- Dr. Amir Hamsei
Swan spa is truly a gem in vancouver. I discovered this place because of its fantastic location. I’ve been there several times but my last treatment I had was there insomnia treatment. This tranquil experience made me want to recommend this spa to anyone wanting to feel pampered, and feeling of true rejuvenation. Becoming that I am a avid spa client I really think swan spa have done there homework concerning their consistency. I can say my experiences here have been all positive, and from there soothing tea, alongside their distinctive essential oils blissfully captured me to a feeling of euphoria.
-- H. Bandaranaike, Chairman of China Tower in Sri Lanka