Energy Going Down?
Revitalize yourself at Swan Spa

Executive Massage Package

Jet Lag revival

$148/100 minutes
First part: Rejuvenation and healing facial treatments 20 minutess
Second part: A special massage programs designed to alleviate muscle tension, stimulate circulation and relieve travel stress. It is ideal for decompressing stiff neck, shoulder and back muscles, and at the same time reducing leg swollen. 80 minutes

Sport massage – Snowboarding/Skiing/Hiking

$130/90 minutes
First part: Open your body point 15 minutes
Second part: A blend of deep tissue and hot stone massage. Muscles are treated with heated stones to promote relaxation and open up the energy pathways. Followed by deep tissue massage using pressure point techniques to heal soreness and stiffness. 75 minutes


$168/120 minutes
A special massage program focuses on the tight spots of your body and releases the last bits of tension. Particular pressure points are targeted to balance your energy flow. Tranquility essenti oil blend creates an oasis of calm and peace. Mist refresh and rehydrate skin and hair, allow it to relax and calm your body and mind.