Energy Going Down?
Revitalize yourself at Swan Spa

spaThe New Chinese Dr. arrived in Swan Spa!

BC., Registered acupuncturist Dr. Victoria Kim has been treating patients several years in Toronto and Vancouver. And she has graduated both Toronto school of Chinese medicine and PCU college of holistic medicine. Her specialty is to treat neck, shoulder, back pain, insomnia, and all kinds of pain and also emotional disturbance. Acupuncture is to make a balance whole body energy and same time to get rid of negative energy in the body. So simply saying it is a cleansing and balancing mainly. It is more powerful ancient healing method than any other kind of natural healing method in this world. It has been proof for 5000 years. Victoria is a spiritual healer and can do some energy work. she can make a balance and regulate some negative energy out from the body. here is the list what she can do:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Cupping
  • Energy work
Treatment Price 6 session package (10% off)
30 mins acupuncture $50 $270 (each session $45, total saving $30)
30 mins acupuncture+ 45 mins acupressure/ (deep tissue) $99.95/ $103.95 $540 (each session $89.95)
Energy cleansing &balancing 15 mins + acupuncture 20 mins (35mins) $75 $405(each session $67.5)
Only acupressure 60 mins $90 $486(each session $81)